Why and how I made my first donation using cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrency donations are the best !
Cryptocurrency donations are the best !

Open source projects rock

From the late 50’s, most of the produced code was made by groups of developers issued by the academic or research world. As such, it was generally distributed under the principles of openness and cooperation.

Open source projects rocks !
Open source projects rock !

Donation… using cryptocurrencies

And every gift deserves some attention. It can be just a “thank you”, a “thumb up” or -modern economy oblige- a financial contribution in the form of a donation.

How I did it ?

In order to make my very first cryptocurrency donation, I was looking to a secure -and open source- solution. Something that looks like “KickStarter”, with the refund policies options and all the security stuffs, but crypto related.

FlipStarter — Open source peer-to-peer crowdfunding platform
Flipstarter — Open source peer-to-peer crowdfunding platform.
FlipStarter plugin installation.
Flipstarter plugin installation.
flipstarter.electroncash.org pledge webpage.
flipstarter.electroncash.org pledge webpage.
Flipstarter pledge details.
Flipstarter pledge details.



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