Should I secure my NFTs? How and why, we explain it all…

3 min readNov 18, 2021

In the field of crypto-currencies and other non-fungible tokens, the year 2021 will have been full of excitement. We have experienced several ATH (All Time High) for Bitcoin ($BTC), the sale of a #NFT Crytpo Punk made by the famous auction house Sotheby’s, incredible numbers with several zeros; $11.75M for CP #7523 and much more…

Securing your crypto-assets: a matter of common sense

Maïté will tell you… Securing your crypto-assets is a matter of common sense. Many of you have a hardware wallet to store your Ethereum ($ETH), Bitcoin ($BTC) or other trendy shitcoins. Whether it is with your Ledger key, your Trezor lollipop or your Satochip card.

Logical you say? That’s right! Storing your cryptographic keys on a dedicated hardware support is the best solution to secure your assets AND allows you to be the true owner of your assets: not your keys, not your coins!

Satochip — Not you keys, not your coins
Not you keys, not your coins

Securing your NFTs: a habit to get into

So why aren’t you securing your NFTs? According to an internal survey, only 2% of Non Fungible Token (NFT) holders secure their assets on a dedicated device.

However, an NFT is nothing more than a token, linked to a smart contract, which can be materialized by a private key, the key of your Ethereum, Binance, Solana or Polygon wallet.

To illustrate this, let’s take the collection of NFTs from Satochip accessible at the address 0xa77F7395bad3D34E641549533134F5CdceC31A30. All NFTs in this collection are linked to this address. And the owner of the private key of this wallet is the owner of this collection, in this case, it is the Satochip’s HQ.

So you can secure your NFTs just like you secure your crypto-currencies, using a hardware wallet.

Do it with style…

This is where Satochip helps you by offering an affordable and customizable hardware wallet.

You can, for example, print your favorite NFT on your Satochip hardware wallet and then store the private keys of your Ethereum wallet safely: the keys never leave the secure chip of the card.

Satochip hardware wallet — MiddlePunks NFT collection
MiddlePunks NFT collection

Freedom of mind is yours. You have a multi-crypto and multi-client compatible hardware wallet. You can then use your card to interact with web platforms such as OpenSea, Rarible or SuperRare by connecting with the Metamask Satochip extension available on the Chrome Store.

From now on, you manage your NFT collection in the same way as before, except that your private keys are no longer stored locally on your web browser but on a dedicated device.

To go further…

Here are some useful sources of information if you want to know more about NFTs, security or the Metamask extension:

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