Satochip — Meet the founders — Baudoin, co-founder and CTO

3 min readOct 19, 2021
Satochip — Meet the founders

Who is Baudoin, co-founder and CTO of Satochip?

Baudoin Collard, 37 years old and counting, is one of the two founders of Satochip. With a background in civil engineering, he is passionate about math and computer sciences. In 2011, he obtained a PhD in cryptography with success.

How did he discover the world of cryptocurrencies?

During his doctorate and the year of his thesis in 2008–2009, he discovered Bitcoin. So he started reading Satochi Nakamoto’s White Paper and study the crypto ecosystem. A few years later, he brought Bastien (who will become the second co-founder) to this wonderful universe.

Why did he decide to create Satochip in 2014?

Baudoin started from a problem he encountered when he wanted to secure his crypto-currencies. Indeed, he explains that he had to regularly backup his private keys to be able to recover his crypto-currencies. So, he had the idea to use another simpler system: to have a physical back-up like the hardware wallet Satochip. At that time he was working on the payment terminals field at Atos and the NFC smart card was promising. Furthermore, he discovered the Electrum client. This is why he decided to create a hardware wallet on NFC smart card.

The story behind the Ginkgo Biloba leaf for the Satochip logo?

Baudoin has always loved botany. The Ginkgo Biloba represents a sacred tree in China and Japan, where Satochi Nakamoto (may) comes from. This tree is also called “the tree of 40 ecus” because in autumn its leaves turn yellow and golden, referring to gold and currency. Moreover, its other peculiarity is that it survived the Hiroshima bombing and this demonstrates its resistance and reliability in terms of security, like the Satochip hardware wallet.

Why did you decide to relaunch Satochip’s business in late 2018?

When he started working in the government field in Belgium, Baudoin put the Satochip project aside. However, the entrepreneurial adventure resumed when he realized that Ledger and Trezor were starting to develop well. Thus, he notices that the hardware wallet technology starts to become mature.

What is your vision for Satochip?

The goal is to have an open-source community, true to the Bitcoin philosophy, while having an accessible, robust and easy-to-use solution. The smart card format is known to everyone thanks to the SIM and bank cards.

What are your next challenges as a technical developer?

Satochip must develop technically to ensure its place in its market.
From a product point of view, there are various projects that will see the light of day at some point such as the creation of a mobile support, the release of some exciting products such the SeedKeeper and the SatoDime.
From a practical point of view, Satochip hopes to support more crypto-currencies and in particular more wallet clients by being natively integrated with MyEtherWallet, Ethereum and Metamask.

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