Satochip — Meet the founders — Bastien, co-founder and CBO

3 min readOct 19, 2021
Satochip — Meet the founders

Who is Bastien, co-founder of Satochip?

Aged 32 and couting, Bastien is one of the two founders of Satochip. With a background in computer science, he first worked as an IT system administrator in the veterinary research sector. Then as an IT engineer for the Belgian government. Far from being an expert in crypto-currencies, Bastien is above all a passionate person.

How did he discover the world of crypto-currencies?

He discovered the world of crypto-currencies thanks to his friend, Baudoin who is actually his brother-in-law. In 2012, Bastien had never heard of blockchain technology, his arrival in crypto-currencies marks a turning point in his life. It was on his birthday that he received some Bitcoin sats; sats that would make him fall under the spell of the technology and its universe. After several months of initiation and learning, Bastien discovered a passion that would never leave him. He took his first steps in this universe by getting interested in L1 blockchain and by participating in the Ethereum first steps. That’s when he truely realized the big potential of the blockchain. Thus, he wanted to contribute to this universe in his own way. So he joined forces with Baudoin and they decided to create together a hardware wallet faithful to their vision: open-source, affordable and accessible.

Why did he decide to create Satochip in 2014?

He embarked on the Satochip adventure out of passion and especially out of ideology. There was no hardware wallet solution faithful to the open source philosophy of Bitcoin before.

What difficulties did Satochip face at the time of its creation?

At the time the hardware wallet technology was not functional enough and the market was not mature enough. Therefore, it was complicated to launch Satochip’s activity in 2014. In addition, the Belgian administration was not open-minded about the adoption of crypto-currencies. It proved to be complex to find a partner bank or even an accountant favorable to Satochip’s activity. Thus, the regulatory constraints weighed on the launch of the activity. This is why there was a stop in the start-up project until the end of 2018.

What are the contributions of this entrepreneurial experience?

Bastien is currently on a one-year career break to develop his startup Satochip. Today, he is constantly confronted with new things. He comes to plan things on the long term or to take care of interns. He takes on new responsibilities and adopts a new posture towards work. Indeed, he was not used to being customer oriented since it is now a question of knowing how to sell his start-up and sell himself. Thus, he thinks that his mindset at work will change when he goes back to his original job oriented towards the public domain.

What about now? Then in 5 years?

His goal is to live off his passion and be self-sufficient with his start-up. In 5 years, he wants Satochip to become a natural reference in the world of crypto-currencies so that this start-up will be an actor in this ecosystem. Moreover, he hopes that the crypto-currency landscape will be rid of shit-coins so that there will be less financial speculation to give credibility to the crypto-currency scene.

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