Satochip — Affiliate program — How to join the community and get rewarded !

An affiliate program is a marketing strategy that allows a customer to generate sales and receive rewards through an affiliate link of their own. This specific link points towards the company’s website. When a sale is made, the link owner receives a reward.

⚠️ Before getting started, don’t forget to read the terms and conditions of the Satochip affiliate program. To do so, do not hesitate to consult this link:

Satochip affiliate program.

Why joining the Satochip affiliate program ?

Well, by joining the Satochip affiliate program, you can earn up to 10% on each sales 🤑 made through your specific links. Furthermore, you become an official Satochip community member and promote one of the best open source hardware solution in the market.

By joining the affiliate program, you be part of a wonderful story 🌈 that will be written with you !

Satochip — Affiliate program — We need you !
Satochip needs YOU !

How to join the Satochip affiliate program ?

It’s as easy as buying shitcoins… 😜 To join the Satochip affiliate program, simply go to the website in the “Shop” section :

Go to “Shop”.

Then click on “My Account” and “Affiliate Area” to access the affiliate program :

Go to “My account” -> “Affiliate Area”.

You will see a registration form to fill in :

Satochip affiliate program registration form.

For information :

  • “Account Email”is the email that will be used to log in on the website and to access your affiliate dashboard.
  • “Payment Email” is your billing email. The Satochip team will use this address to contact you regarding the reward payment.
  • “Website URL” corresponds to your main communication channel (website, Twitter…). Eg: you want to promote the Satochip hardware wallet using your favorite forum, you can snag it here.

Once you have registered, you’ll have to wait while a Satochip admin approves your affiliate account, it can take up to 24 hours and its necessary to avoid bots and spammers :

Satochip — Pending approval.

How to access your affiliate dashboard ?

Once you have been approved, you will be able to log in to the Affiliate Dashboard. Go to the “Shop” section then click on “My Account” to log in.

But what is my password bro !? 😲

That’s a good question. When you create an account on the Satochip website, a strong password is self-generated, hashed, salted and stored on a secure database. This password is not send out to you by email. The only way to get it is to reset it… So just click on “Lost your password?” to reset it.

Satochip — My account landing page.

Once you have resetted your password (be sure to put a strong one), you will be able to log in and access your “Affiliate — Dashboard”.

How to manage your dashboard as an affiliate ?

The affiliate dashboard allows you manage, check the performance and have an overview of your affiliate account.

The Satochip affiliate dashboard has several sections:

Satochip affiliate dashboard and menu.
  • “Affiliate URLs” section :

In order to get an affiliate link to pass on to your community, you need to click on “Generate URL” at the bottom.

You can generate different URLs for your promotional campaigns. This allows, for example, to know the conversion rate of a particular link. Eg: you can create a specific link to spread on your favorite crypto forum. And another link to promote on Twitter. So, in the “Statistics” tab, you will know which campaign worked best.

Example of a specific generated URL.
  • “Statistics” section :

In this section, you can see your performance in a global way. The line “Available Store Credit” allows you to know how many euros you have accumulated. Once you have reached the €100 reward threshold (see , Satochip will contact you via your email address to pay you this amount (in cryptocurrency).

  • “Graphs” section :

The graph visualization allows you to analyze the effectiveness of your campaigns over time.

  • “Referrals”, “Payouts”, and “Visits” sections :

It consists of several basic sections gathering information about the people using your link: amount, visits received, received payouts, conversion rate…

  • “Creatives” section :

The key to success! This is a useful section to generate traffic more easily on your affiliate link. You have access to a communication kit such as a signature or a banner to put on your website. The HTML snippet is automatically generated using your own affiliate link. More “Creatives” will come over time and you are free to submit your ideas for a further integration.

Satochip affiliate “Creatives” section.
  • “Settings” and “Log out” sections :

The “Settings” section is used to change your billing email address if needed. Otherwise click on “Log out” to log out of your account.

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